Banned Pokemon Episodes (With Video!)


Banned Pokemon Episodes (With Video!)

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Nintendo fans, unite!?

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***I'm writing this as the video is uploading because I'm inevitably going to get a lot of comments about it. I know the audio is a little laggy during the Japanese Beauty and the Beach segment--it's unfortunate but I just couldn't get a good enough copy working in time. I also think I say "Beauty and the Beast" once. Whoops!

*I give a warning for inappropriate content because my original card game show brought be a lot of viewers from the Junior division, from ages 10 and under. I'm personally not offended by anything in these videos (I'm pretty anti-censorship myself), I could do without dozens of angry parents thinking I'm a bad example.

*Yes, I know the difference between a Dragonair and a Dratini. The episode is about a Dratini, the clip happened to show the Dragonair from the end of the episode.

* I say that laser guns and rocket launchers are "kid friendly" because they are over-the-top weaponry that is often used to create non-lethal explosions. Physically holding a gun...

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