Top 20 Anime Transported to Another World


Top 20 Anime Transported to Another World

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hey everyone,
here is a top 20 Transported to other world anime,
Note: Popular Anime like :Re:Zero, No Game No life, Konosuba, Sword art online are not included in this video.
this list contains anime where the characters fly away and adventuring in another world, sometimes it can be a virtual reality game like log horizon where they must survive and struggles in order to come back back sound and safe to their reality world,
moreover there are those who find themselves in a fantasy world, where they face monsters and villains like in mondaiji tachi where the problem children tried to make that unusual world a better place to live in,
besides there are those animes that take u back or forward in time like in oda nobuna no yabou where the protagonist lives in a world wmwhich he had already readed about in his history classes.

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