Top 20 SuperPower Anime of All Time [HD]


Top 20 SuperPower Anime of All Time [HD]

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Hey guys here is a new video about top 20 superpower anime ever without including mainstream anime ,i hope that you'll agree with this list and if so hit a like. and share it.

Trying to find "Top SuperPower Anime" or just looking to watch an action packed superpower anime with tons of fighting, solid story, and of course the superpowers abilities? here you can Discover more unique Good anime series.

hey guys, here is a new video about 20 best superpower anime series till 2016 keep in mind that in order to give you a list of anime series that maybe you didn't get the chance to watch. i decided to not include mainstream anime like: One piece, Bleach, Naruto, My Hero Academia an so on.

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in the end i really hope you like it and thx for your support really you are amazing.
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